Physical Education & Sports Department is a segment of PES University established in 2000. Offering competitive, fitness and recreational activities serving those interested in benefiting from the wider educational value of sports and recreation.

PES is recognized as much for its illustrious sporting tradition as it is for its excellence in education, learning and research. At our department you will find a wide range of activities. Some are designed to make you sweat, some to strengthen your muscles while others to help you relax and relieve stress. However, they all have one thing in common – they will all help you to keep fit and healthy. So whether you want to get active for leisure, do exercise as part of your routine, or like to get competitive in your favorite sport. We will have something for you.

Mission statement
To Develop highly Skilled human resources with the ability to adapt to an intellectually and technologically changing environment through the participative effort of management, Staff, Students and Parents.

We are committed to sports promotion through the provision of quality facilities, sports and recreation services in an effective and efficient manner.

In line we aim to provide student services that contribute to student success and achievement, the college is serious about providing best possible facilities to the students and faculty members as well.

PES has a very rich tradition in sports and efforts are constantly on to better ourselves to achieve excellence in sports. A number of intracollege events are conducted throughout the year and college teams are sent for all intercollegiate tournaments.

Awards of excellence are given to the students outstanding in sports.

Girls and boys are encouraged to take part in all games in order to have a wholesome development. Teams do very well in all tournaments and all students are earnestly requested to exhibit their talents and win laurels for PES.

Contact Info

PES University
100 Feet Ring Road,
BSK 3rd Stage,
Bengaluru – 560 085

Ph:+918026720410 Ext: 270, 567